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Elegance in Every Detail, Luxury in Every Space


Aliya Homes: Pioneers of Luxury Real Estate

Driven by a passion for excellence and dedicated to providing bespoke, high-quality experiences. Crafting each deal with personal attention and care. Our next-generation marketing has marveled the world. Dive deeper into our story and exclusive listings to discover why discerning clients around the world choose Aliya Homes for their luxury property aspirations.

Signature Residences

Showcasing Exclusive Listings of Unparalleled Elegance.

5 Bedroom Villa
Bantry Bay
R138 000 000 (incl VAT)
5 bedrooms | 6 bathrooms
5 Bedroom House
R160 000 000 (incl VAT)
5 bedrooms | 6 bathrooms
4 Bedroom Villa
R54 050 000 (incl VAT)
4 bedrooms | 5.5 bathrooms
Iron Man House
From R150 000 per night
6 bedrooms | 12 guests
Obsidian Villa
From R90 000 per night
5 bedrooms | 10 guests
Beyond Villa
From R130 000 per night
6 bedrooms | 12 guests

Exceptional Services, Unparalleled Elegance

Crafting bespoke real estate journeys and VIP escapes tailored to your needs

Personalised Concierge at your Fingertips

Experience a realm of luxury that transcends traditional boundaries. Our Bespoke Concierge caters to your every need, ensuring each moment resonates with elegance and convenience. From jet setting to lifestyle preferences, trust in Aliya Homes to deliver a seamless, exquisite experience tailored just for you

Luxury Villa Rentals Worldwide

Discovering statement properties of grandeur. Our curated collection of luxury architectural wonders embodies sophistication, designed for those with a discerning taste. At Aliya Homes, we source and present exclusive listings that mirror the pinnacle of architectural brilliance and modern luxury stays.

Elevated Service, Exquisite Details

Immerse in an experience where every interaction is tailored to exceed your expectations. Our white-glove service ensures that each step, from initial consultation to property acquisition, is handled with utmost precision and care. With Aliya Homes, you’re not just a client; you’re part of a legacy of excellence.


Celebrating Authentic Experiences with the Pinnacle of Luxury

A. Neumann

Cape Town

We are beyond grateful for the excellent service we received from Aitan. After watching Aliya Home's informative YouTube video (7 times) we were absolutely sold on our dream home! From start to finish it was precise and effortless.


After buying properties all over the world for 25+ years, I have never received such first class and bespoke service in the industry. From day 1, Aitan's attentive care was felt from inquiry to closing. I'm excited to see what Aliya Homes has to offer me in the future.

S. King

Los Angeles

E. Ousmanou

Cape Town

Initially we contacted Aliya Homes for a 20 day luxury villa rental in Clifton. However, after such an incredible experience in Cape Town and thanks to Aitan for arranging a bespoke itinerary, we ultimately decided to use Aliya Homes as our agency to find us a permanent holiday villa in Cape Town. A very exclusive luxury experience indeed.

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